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Shelves In Warehousing

Shelves In Warehousing

The warehouse is not just a big free are under the roof in most of the cases it is separated according to the tasks. For good storage conditions, accessibility and safety warehouses are commonly equipped with various shelves and aisles. As with most of the warehousing equipment decision of shelves to be used is based on needs. To ensure quick product availability having a system of aisles and cross aisles that make it easier to move around the warehouse is important. Long and continuous aisles can make it difficult in getting from one part of the warehouse to another. However, cross aisles help create a grid that is more efficient and easier to navigate. At this point, it is crucial to understand the specific needs of a particular facility to choose the proper equipment for needed operations. Warehousing is intended to ensure the acceptance of materials with the definition of quality and quantity; positioning and rational distribution of materials considering their physicochemical properties; mechanization of loading and unloading; improvement of equipment storage materials, structures and products; minimizing material losses during the process of storage; organizing routes of material flow and recording materials. The organization of storage facilities includes

• Calculation of need for materials and structures and definition of an adequate supply of materials. Initially expected to place the rolling racks W-shaped, however, when this arrangement was assumed that one cell is located rolling with different diameters, which revealed disadvantages associated with constant cell sorting during the production work. On this basis, it was decided to place rental 8 racks to contain the rolled diameter over 190mm.

• In order to visualize the amount of material to be stored in the warehouse, it was decided to use easily adjustable shelves, as they allow tracking the movement and availability of the material and equal flow or possible missing of the material.

• For general information on the availability of particular materials information from “actual balance” is used as it only includes tested materials.

• To accommodate forgings weighing less than 15 kg. There are 4 racks provided on which forgings are stacked. Customized shelves are currently underway and available ones are equipped with only 1 rack.

• Pieces weighing more than 15 kg are placed on the floor for mechanized loading. There are driveways and walkways provided. All forgings as custom placed, labelled on each forging order number seen from a label.