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Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (PGDLSCM)

Minimum Eligibility :
Any Graduation
Duration :
12 months
Internship :
3 months
Certificates :CII, IIMM,

Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (PGDLSCM)

A post graduate diploma provides students with an in depth knowledge of shipping business and the various legal formalities etc.

The logistics activities are the operational component of supply chain management, including quantification, procurement, inventory management, transportation and fleet management, and data collection and reporting. Supply chain management consists of all the logistics activities along with the coordination and collaboration of staff levels and functions. The supply chain includes global manufacturers and supply and demand dynamics, but logistics tends to focus more on specific tasks within a particular program health system. The main idea of supply chain integration involves improving efficiency and reducing redundancy, thus improving product availability and, often, reducing costs.

Logistic activities consists of the following : the formation of economic relations; determining the need for transportation of goods, their volumes and destinations, consistency and movement of products through the storage site; coordination of operational supply chain management and transportation; the formation and regulation of product inventories; development, deployment and organization of storage facilities; perform operations immediately preceding and trailing carriage of goods. Shipping management includes ship management activities and services, the concept of outsourcing ship management, ship registration, the regulatory environment especially with regards to environmental protection, energy efficiency and measuring and assessing ship management performance.


♦ Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (PGDLSCM)  from STED
♦ Certificate in Advanced Stores Management  from   IIMM
♦ Certificate in Advanced Sourcing and Procurement Management from IIMM
♦ PG Certificate in Logistics & SCM from CII
♦ Interview skills – Mock sessions
♦ Industrial Visits


a.Logistics Management
b.Stores Management
c.Export Import Management
d.Sourcing & Procurement Management
e.Management in Logistics


1st Sem Subjects 2nd Sem Subjects 3rd Sem Subjects
  • Logistics Concepts and Planning
  • Supply Chain Concepts and Planning
  • Marketing Channel Distribution Planning
  • International Logistics
  • Advanced Stores Management
  • Trade Routes and Shipping Overview
  • Container Trade
  • Freight Transport Management
  • Export Import Documentation
  • Management in Logistics
  • Advanced Sourcing & Procurement Management
  • Supply Chain Information Systems
  • Contract & Reverse Logistics