Globally Valid Certification


While taking up a course, what everyone looks into is the certification. Sage logistics has been keen on providing courses with certificates that are Globally valid.

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)

The CILT (UK) is the leading organisation for logistics and transport professionals, working on land, sea, in the air and across all sectors The CILT (UK) provides the knowledge, networks and know-how for individual and collective success; it is the essential professional body for talented leaders and organisations that create, manage and operate logistics, transport and supply chain capabilities. The CILT (UK) provides the ‘must have’ learning, an authoritative body of knowledge, professional standards and the means to solve problems through collaboration and collective effort with members across the world. The CILT (UK) champions the three pillars of transformational leadership: being inclusive, promoting diversity of thought and welcoming challenge.

American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS)


APICS is an educational program that provides a quality education that helps to develop global standards for logistics.

All the programs under this help Students
1)To master the knowledge that is very much essential in the logistics industry.
2)To gain more ideas on logistics
3)Keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the logistics sector
4) Get recognized as a logistics executive
5) Greater job opportunities




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